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Distributed Architecture: 3 Steps

Here is my view implementing business requirements with DDD, Event Sourcing and CQRS. Ingestion Processing CQRS and Data Distribution Applying the same 3 steps for each new requirements let improves time after time the mechanics of each small bubble while it is living in the aquarium of an Event Driven ecosystem along with bigger legacy… Continue reading Distributed Architecture: 3 Steps

CQRS · Domain Driven Design · Software Architecture

Distributed Architecture 03: CQRS and Data Distribution

In our journey we started with a business requirement, we model the requirement with commands, events, we ingest input data, we process the data, we implemented processing components using Event Sourcing pattern and we stored our Domain Events in small streams. All this represent the way to define and feed our write model. The benefit… Continue reading Distributed Architecture 03: CQRS and Data Distribution